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15 minutes to glowing skin


charcoal face pack


Dull, patchy skin making you look older than your age? It’s time to say ‘Hello’ to Charcoal & ‘Bye’ to dull, patchy skin & big pores. So, what is this charcoal? We at Keya Seth strongly believe, before you put something on your skin, you should be clearly aware about how it works to give you the desired benefits. Before you spend on Charcoal Pack take a look at what it is & how it works to give you glowing skin in just 15 minutes.


It is not just Charcoal its activated charcoal


charcoal pack by Keya Seth


Well, there is a good enough difference between charcoal & activated charcoal, particularly when it comes to skin care. Activated charcoal has high absorption ability which makes them magic particles when it comes to skin detoxification. Active Charcoal absorbs not only excess skin oil but also all the dirt & grime stuck on the skin & pulls them out without causing any harm.


Benefits of Charcoal Pack

benefits of charcoal pack



  • Charcoal pack draws out dirt, grime & toxic microparticles from skin, helping it to purify, which promotes better blood circulation on skin & improves the natural skin rejuvenation process, thus making it healthy & glowing.
  • Charcoal pack tightens the skin pores & gives a natural skin toning effect.
  • The mildly exfoliating property of charcoal promotes even & brighter skin tone.  


Benefits of charcoal pack



  • The pack gives an instant freshness & brightness to the skin.   
  • As it removes excess oil, dirt & impurities from clogged skin pores, problem of blackheads & whiteheads are resolved quickly & effectively.
  • Activated charcoal has natural anti-bacterial property that prevents growth of acne causing bacteria on skin thus helping the existing acne to dry out quickly & controlling further breakouts.


Charcoal pack is suitable for all skin types but regular use is particularly more beneficial for oily, acne prone skin.


USP of Keya Seth Charcoal Pack


charcoal pack


The Charcoal Face Pack from Keya Seth Aromatherapy has a unique composition which works as the primary USP of this product. The pack contains fine particles of activated charcoal along with some nourishing pure essential oils & natural skin hydrating agents that not only mitigates the natural drying effect of charcoal on skin but also ensures better skin nourishment thus giving you combined benefits of activated charcoal & aromatherapy.


Ylang Ylang essential oil –      

essential oil in charcoal pack


Softens the skin. Helps in balancing the skin moisture level. Works on both dry & oily skin.


Tea Tree essential oil –

tea tree essential oil in charcoal pack


 Treats acne, skin rashes. Promotes healthy & even skin tone.   


How to use the charcoal pack


charcoal pack by keya seth aromatherapy


  • The Charcoal Pack from Keya Seth Aromatherapy comes in a ready to use form.
  • Open the jar container & apply the pack directly onto your dry face & neck in a semi thick layer.
  • Let it set for 15 minutes, do not sit directly under the fan or in front of the AC in this span.
  • After 15 minutes, rub the pack lightly on your face with wet hands & wash off with plenty of fresh water.
  • Follow with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.
  • The pack should be used twice a week for best results.     



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