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Blog 53: Do you need to shampoo more often during summer?

do you need to shampoo more in summer

Hair fall, scalp irritation & itching are some of the most common hair problems during summer. The humidity coupled with summer heat triggers profuse sweating that often work as the primary reason for hair problems & hair fall.

During summer, excess perspiration added with the oils produced on the scalp provides a great base for pollution & grime to stick on to, thus making scalp & hair dirty & sticky much quickly. Moreover, a good amount of salt comes out to the surface of scalp with sweat. This salt has corrosive action that weakens the hair roots, adding to hair fall. So, removing the sweat mixed salt quickly from the scalp is important.    

Another common hair problem during summer is smelly hair. Accumulation of sweat on the scalp provides a perfect environment for growth of fungal & bacterial infections, which is the primary reason of unpleasant hair odor. Keeping your scalp & hair clean & dry can help you get rid of this problem.

Key to minimize summer time hair problems

key to minimize summer time hair problems

So, as it comes, to minimize the summer time hair problems, keeping the scalp & hair clean & dry is essential. Washing your hair properly with a proper shampoo at proper intervals can be highly effective in keeping the common summer time hair problems at bay. However, there are few things to consider before deciding how often you should use a shampoo during summer.

Depending on how profusely you sweat daily & how much time you spend outdoors or the hairstyle you normally don while outside, you might need to wash your hair daily or on alternate days or may be twice a week. People living in cities, certainly needs to wash their hair more frequently due to higher environmental pollution compared to the people living in suburban areas. At the same time, if you stay mostly indoors in an air conditioned environment, your hair is less likely to get dirty. Tied hair certainly attracts less dirt than untied hair. 

How frequently you should shampoo  

shampoo frequently in summer

So, there are no one-size-fits-all theory about how frequently you need to shampoo during summer. If you normally wash your hair 2 times a week, during summer making it 3 times a week can certainly help. However, you have to make sure that every time you wash your hair, you give it enough time to get completely dry.

Clean scalp & hair is the key to problem free hair & shampooing as quickly as your scalp or hair gets dirty should be the norm. However, when you are needed to wash your hair frequently, it is important that you use a shampoo that is mild enough to not to reap off the necessary oils, making the hair, dry & brittle. While not shampooing your hair at proper intervals during summer can take a toll on your hair health, using a harsh shampoo regularly can do even more harm. So, choose a shampoo that is mild, infused with natural, hair nourishing ingredients & free from soap.

summer shampoo summer shapoo

Honey Shampoo & Spa conditioning Shampoo from the Shine & Silk range of Keya Seth are best suited for even regular hair wash during summer. If you have dandruff, you can opt for Shine & Silk Dandruff Removal Shampoo from the range for regular use.



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