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Enhancing and Firming the Natural Beauty of Women

Having amazing curve is what all women love. Your bosom plays a great role in increasing self-confidence and helps improve overall well being.  So you must take proper care of your breast as you do in case of hair and skin.  Larger breasts may cause discomfort while smaller ones make you feel depressed. A perfect breast size boosts the general personality and you fit in all types of clothes. There are many technical procedures and short cut methods available to correct one’s breast size but they may not be safe for your precious health. So we have brought to you our natural breast toner formulated with herbal ingredients to rejuvenate and enhance your breast without any side effects.

Enriched with pure essential oils, Keya Seth’s Aromatherapy Lady Care Breast Massage Oil comes with authentic guarantee of making your bosom beautiful and attractive. It starts working from the first day of application and gives desired results within a few days. But try to continue its use for three consecutive months. Why go for artificial methods if it happens naturally? Let us discuss about its possible benefits:


  • Increases oxygen level in the breast tissues thus stimulating blood flow
  • Decreases risk of breast cancer by producing female hormone that destroys cancer cells
  • Stimulates the lymph vessels and mammary glands by encouraging blood circulation
  • Increases breast size, improves skin elasticity and enhances firmness
  • Massaging produces anti-ageing hormones like prolactin, estrogen and oxytoxin that makes you feel youthful and lowers stress levels
  • Tones, nourishes and rejuvenates the bust muscles and makes you feel younger than before
  • Eliminates stretch marks, moisturizes and softens skin

Role of Ingredients used in Lady Care Breast Massage Oil

  1. Prunus Amygdalis and Helianthus Annuus (Almond and sunflower oil) - Being a rich source of magnesium & phosphorous, vitamin E and selenium it acts as an anti-ageing breast toner that nourishes the muscles and skin of the breast.
  2. Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender oil) - It improves blood circulation, increases estrogens level in the body thus enlarging the size of the breast.
  3. Til or Sesame oil helps in supplying oxygen to the breast tissues and cells thus enhancing growth, strengthening it and making it firm
  4. Santalum Album (Sandalwood oil) - It contains aromatic compounds and acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient that enhances female hormones and rejuvenates the breast muscles.

Massaging technique - DO IT YOURSELF

An effective oil massage helps enlarge underdeveloped breasts and also prevents sagging. Knowing the right method of massaging is the key to best results. Massage two times daily for 15 minutes for a healthy and upright bosom.

Step 1: Be relaxed and take three to four drops of Lady Care Breast Massage Oil and rub your palms against each other until warm

Step 2: Place your hands on your breasts and massage gently with your fingers stroking upwards. Massage inwards with your one hand in clock-wise and the other hand in anti-clockwise direction.

Step 3: Massage one breast at a time with both your palms from outside to the centre. Then rub each breast with each hand from base to top. Repeat these strokes 10- 15 times at each breast.

Step 4: Grab your breasts from below, push them up and hold, then push them inwards and hold.  Do each process for 10- 15 times.

Continue these steps for consecutive three months to notice a vast difference. It is important to bring few changes in your daily routine for a perfect figure. Maintain proper shape, size and look of your curve by simply following these few tricks and feel proud of yourself. Do not feel shy, give it a try and notice the difference within few weeks.

Adding up to your lifestyle

  • Sleep straight, sit straight- Sleeping and sitting posture also may affect bust shape, so try not to bend your back much, keep it straight for an attractive lady look. Maintaining right posture not only emphasizes bust but also keeps the body in right alignment.
  • Proper work out- Make your chest look fuller by training the muscles increase their mass. Typical exercises shed off chest fat thus strengthening the breast muscles and reducing its size if you have bigger ones. Chest press, push-ups and plank ups are some useful workouts to enhance bust shape and size.
  • The right wear- If you are concerned about your breast size, then you must be aware of using the right bra. Go for the right size to keep it firm and healthy. Do not put on tighter bra or the one with loose-fitting. Use cotton bras and definitely a branded one.
  • Massage regularly -Massaging is a natural option to tone up your bust tissues when you are struggling with your sagging and relatively small or larger breasts. You can massage it on your own following the above mentioned steps. Make sure you massage with some quality breast massage oil. We recommend Keya Seth’s Aromatherapy Lady Care Breast Massage Oil for best outcome.

Caring for your beautiful bosom

It is important to take proper care of your breast if you want to boost your personality. Use mild body shop or aromatic body-wash while taking a bath. Here are some home-made packs you can apply to make yourself more appealing. 

Home-made packs

  1. Put few drops of honey, one teaspoon of olive oil and little kaolin powder in raw milk. Mix it thoroughly and apply on your breast. When it is half dry, rub it with your hands and rinse off.
  2. Mix raw turmeric with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply and let it dry. Wash with plain water and pat dry. If you have dark patches on your breast then this pack will help you get rid of it.

Other than this, you need to self-examine and keep an eye on your loving body melons. Take immediate medical attention if suddenly you notice any irregularities. Get a good night’s sleep, feel up on fruits and veggies and practice peace for maintaining a healthy mind and body.




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