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Satin Finish Foundation -- the secret to Satin Smooth Makeup

Satin Finish Foundation


Who does not want a satin smooth, lustrous makeup look? Well, we all do but achieving the same might come a bit difficult for most of us. What we have to blame here is certainly our choice of makeup & the process we follow. While the makeup process is sure to improve with practice, choosing the right product for the finish is imperative.

As we all know Foundation makes the base of makeup & hence for that satiny smooth finish, choosing the right foundation is the first step to go. For all the makeup lovers out there looking for a natural, satiny smooth makeup finish, the good news is, Keya Seth Professional has launched Satin Finish Foundation which boasts of its high quality & stands strongly in competition with the reputed international brands in its range.

Satin Finish Foundation by Keya Seth Professional is best suitable for anyone looking for light to medium weightless, dewy (but not shiny) coverage. It is ideal for daily makeup & can meet the need if you are looking for a good makeup that let’s your skin breath while hiding minimal imperfections with its fine coverage. The best thing about Satin Finish foundation is that it can easily double as a perfect office wear, light-makeup-look foundation as well as a party wear foundation, with buildable coverage.

Who should use Satin Finish Foundation?

If you are looking for a foundation that is lightweight, gives medium coverage, dewy finish & lasts long, Satin Finish Foundation is just for you. This soft & creamy formula is easy to blend & can layered as per the requirement. It delivers a satiny, dewy finish on skin that not only works as a perfect base for the makeup to be applied next but also gives a healthy look to your skin.

This foundation works really well for anyone with good skin that does not need a lot of coverage. Being easy blendable it can be applied in minimum time. So, if you are a busy bee who is left with minimum time to do her makeup before leaving home, this is always the best go to option.


What makes Satin Finish Foundation stand apart?

Satin Finish Foundation in 4 shades


Key features of the Satin Finish Foundation by Keya Seth Professional include,

  • Feathery light on skin, allows the skin to breathe
  • Dewy, touchably soft finish that offers long lasting coverage
  • Available in 4 different shades that match perfectly with Indian skin tones
  • Blends easily on skin, buildable coverage
  • Does not clog the pores & noncomedogenic
  • Contains Vitamin E & Hyaluronic acid that prevents dryness & flaking


Things that you need to keep in mind before buying Satin Finish Foundation

Your skin needs

Satin Finish Foundation goes well with every skin type. Presence of Vitamin E & Hyaluronic acid makes it suitable for dry, oily as well as normal skin. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a full coverage foundation & if your skin has more imperfections you might need to use a concealer with it or opt for Matte Liquid Foundation from Keya Seth Professional that gives full coverage.

The right shade

Buying the foundation shade that matches best with your skin tone is important. Satin Finish Foundation is available in 4 shades. Each of these shades has been designed keeping the Indian skin tone in mind. Another great thing about this foundation range is that it nicely adopts to the skin tone of the wearer & hence just 4 shades cover a wide array if not all of different Indian skin shades & tones.

The purpose

Satin Finish Foundation is ideal for daily wear, gatherings, parties & occasions. However, it is not a full coverage foundation & is not certainly the best option when it comes to bridal makeup. For Bridal Makeup, Full coverage Matte Liquid Foundation from Keya Seth Professional is a better choice.        

The finish you need

Satin Finish Foundation gives a dewy finish on skin that makes your skin look natural & yet brighter, flawless. However, if you prefer a matte finish, this foundation is certainly not the best one for you.   



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