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The right diet before wedding

det before wedding


Wedding is one of the most exciting as well as stressful times in one’s life.  Looking your best during the special occasion is certainly important & while the right diet can add to your natural glamour & appearance a fad diet can ruin everything. So, if you are focusing on diet before wedding, it is important to plan the diet wisely.  It is never the right time to opt for a fad diet but the right diet.


diet before wedding


A wedding diet should be all about going clean with what you eat & instead of losing a lot of weight, the focus should be more on staying healthy. However, it is not really difficult to lose few kilos if you follow a proper clean diet plan for a month or two before your wedding. Check out the details,


Thumb rules of diet before wedding 


rules of wedding diet


  • Never eat more than you need to. Over eating turns even the healthy foods, unhealthy for you.

  • Always fill your daily calorie needs but make healthy choices.

  • Instead of 2-3 big meals opt for 4-5 small meals & complete your dinner latest by 7pm in the evening.

  • Change your regular cooking oil for extra virgin olive oil, which is a great source of healthy fats.

  • Instead of deep fried foods, opt more for lightly fried, boiled or dressed foods in your daily diet.

  • Apart from diet, follow a healthy & regular exercise plan.

    Foods to avoid


    food to avoid in wedding diet


    • Processed foods

    • Foods that come with added sugar

    • Artificially sweetened beverages & deserts

    • Foods with high fat content  

      Foods to bank on


      right food for wedding diet


      Lean meat, fish & eggs – Animal protein is vital for energy & also to keep your body, skin & hair healthy. Whole eggs & fatty fishes are the best source of healthy fats, which is essential for a healthy body.

        milk for wedding diet


        Double toned Milk & dairy – Dairy products supply a bunch of nutrients. To keep the fat intake low, opt for double toned milk & fat free dairy.  

          plant protein for wedding diet


          Pulses & beans -- Just like animal protein, your diet should also include plant protein in proper amount. Beans & pulses are healthy source of protein & some essential fats.

            colorful vegetables


            Colorful vegetables --- Vegetables should make the most sumptuous part in your diet. Green, red, yellow, orange vegetables not only provide the much needed fiber & roughage to keep your digestive system healthy but also work as the primary natural source of vitamins & minerals essential for a healthy body & mind.

              fresh fruits


              Fresh fruits – Don’t go for preserved fruit juices, they always come with added flavor & sugars. Bank on fresh seasonal fruits to stay healthy but never eat a lot on a single day, which can add up to the total sugar & calorie intake.   


              If you need to loose a lot of kilos quickly or shape up before your wedding you might not find this diet plan very helpful. But don't loose heart, wait for our next blog, Quickly get back in shape, before your wedding.   


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