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Stopage-Age Reversal Treatment-Control Wrinkles, Rejuvenating, Night Cream for Glowing & Youthful Looking Complexing with Goodness of Essential Oil

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  • AGE REVERSAL COMPLEX: Infused with the blend of Handpicked Natural Actives, this uniquely formulated, Non-Greasy, Anti-Ageing, Age Reversal Cream can visibly correct your appearance    
  • ESSENTIAL OIL: Imbued with a Rejuvenating Fragrance of Sandalwood Essential Oil, this Anti-Ageing product for Men & Women can be used as a Night Cream    
  • ANTI-WRINKLE, NOURISHING CREAM FOR ALL SKIN: The exceptionally beneficial cream is developed for Dry, Oily, Normal, and even Combination Skin; enriched with Alpha Arbutin it reduces spots; Pentavitin & Olivem 1000 keep Skin Hydrated; Euro BT Improves Skin Elasticity & Complexion; Ronacare Ectoin & Ronacare ASC III Stimulate Collagen Production & Protect from environmental damages; DayMoist CLR Boosts NMF Level in Skin; Tinosorb S offers Broad-Spectrum UV Protection  
  • HOW TO USE: Apply all over your face and neck in an upward, circular motion twice a day, after bath and before going to bed; should not be used before going out into the sun or attending kitchen 

    The Direction of Use:

    Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night. Massage gently with upward circular motion. Should not be used before going out into the sun or attending kitchen.

    An age reversal complex that blends Aromatherapy with Ayurveda & brings to you the best of both worlds for reversing visible signs of ageing on the skin. This hypoallergenic cream repairs fine lines & wrinkles rejuvenates skin tone & adds a healthy glow making the skin visibly softer, smoother & youthful.

    The magic of Aromatherapy for your skin

    Essential oils are known as the “soul molecules” of plants. Essential oils are also one of the few substances that actually penetrate the epidermis & reach the deeper layers of skin, thus providing visible results. STOPAGE is enriched with a blend of 5 essential oils, namely, Lemon, Orange, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli that are known for improving moisture retention in the skin, promoting cell regeneration, improving skin tone & texture.

    Lemon essential oil – Helps in toning sagging skin.

    Orange essential oil – Heals aged rough & dry skin.

    Marjoram essential oil – Promotes healing of skin & connective tissues. Heals scars & wrinkles quickly.

    Ylang Ylang essential oil – Balances sebum production. Helps in moisture retention & softening of dry skin.

    Patchouli essential oils – Known for their remarkable cell regenerating & moisturizing properties.

    The power of Ayurveda to fight Free Radicals

    Traditional ayurvedic formulas are one of the best-kept beauty secrets of India. STOPAGE includes a potent mixture of plant ingredients like, Indian gooseberry, Green tea extract & Carrot extract that are scientifically proven to have age arresting properties. Indian Gooseberry or Amla is an excellent natural source of Vitamin C which fights free radicals & protects skin from damaging effects of environmental factors. Anti-oxidants present in green tea extract & carrot helps in repairing skin tissues & protects the skin against harmful sun rays. As a result, dry, damaged skin is healed & the signs of ageing are wiped off from the skin with regular use of STOPAGE. 

    Skin is not unlike the other parts of the human body. Thus skin too ages like the other parts of our body. We cannot prevent skin from ageing chronologically but pre-mature ageing of the skin can be checked and the signs of ageing can be kept at bay through regular standardized care. THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, THE REASONS BEHIND THE AGEING OF THE SKIN ARE - Free radicals, DNA degeneration and regeneration, cellular clock, chronological age clock, glycation and its brackets and continuous production of heat and energy by mitochondria. The ingredients of 'STOPAGE' fights the causes of pre-mature ageing in a natural and scientific way and helps to regenerate skin by nourishing it naturally. It makes skin soft, healthy, beautiful -wiping out the traces of ageing.