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Redeem KS Points

What is KS point?

KS points are redeemable points that is accumulated on each purchase  from our online website and our mobile APP "KEYA SETH AROMATHERAPY" which allows you to get discount on your next purchase.

How to get KS point ?

You can get this KS point in many ways.
  • You will get this ks point when you register new.
  • If you do online purchase, you will get this.
  • Even if you review a product, you will get this point.
  • You can also get this point if you refer it to your friends and family.
  • If you share on social media, there also you will get this ks point.
  • Even you will also get it on the special occasion like your Birthday, Anniversary.
And if you use these points properly you can get some discounts on every purchase.

How much points you will earn?

keya seth rewards program

If you register to our site, you will get 500 points as a rewards/ bonus. With every online purchase, you will get this point according to your order value. Even you will get 1000 points for one Review and 200 points for every referral and share. Even you will get 500 Points for your special occasions.
Now how do you count this point? Here 1 KS point for every Rs1 spent.That means if you collect 1000 points then you can get Rs 100 Discount.
500 KS Points
Place an order
1 KS Point for every ₹1 spent
Follow on Instagram
500 KS Points
Like on Facebook
500 KS Points
Share on Twitter
200 KS Points
Share on Facebook
500 KS Points
Review a Product
1000 KS Points
Celebrate a birthday
500 KS Points

Earn by Referring Friends and Family

Share your Referral link with your friends and Family
Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
They get
10% off coupon
You get
₹10 off coupon

How to Redeem KS points?

Discount Voucher Options
₹100 off coupon=1000 KS Points
₹250 off coupon=2500 KS Points
 ₹500 off coupon=5000 KS Points

How this KS point can be redeemed that’s what we tried to explain step by step in an Info -Graphics. By following these 12 steps you can easily redeem your KS points and get some discount from it.

What is KS Points & How to Redeem points?