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Contouring Brush for Large Coverage Blending Brush with Soft Bristles (KSP-116)

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  • Can be used for both Cream and Powder applications/blending - Ideal for Contouring and Highlighting applications 
  • Created with soft fibers that are less prone to damage and help create a beautiful, high definition finish 
  • Multi-Function brush - Ideal for contour mapping and blending contour and highlight. 

Description: The Keya Seth Professional Makeup, Contouring Brush contour brush is a multi-functional brush used to create a seamless and sculpted appearance, every time! Perfect for contour mapping, the synthetic fibers allow you to apply your contour along with the areas of your face that you wish to contour and highlight while also giving you maximum control. Perfect for blending, buffing, and applying cream and powder contour and highlight shades perfectly.