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10 Essential Monsoon Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

10 essential monsoon hair care tips

1. Keep your scalp & hair clean. The excess humidity during monsoon supports growth of unwanted bacteria & fungus in scalp, triggering hair fall, infection & malodor. Hence keeping your scalp & hair clean is the best way to avert hair problems in monsoon. Use a shampoo according to your hair type, daily or on alternate days. We recommend – Intense Repair Shampoo for Dry Hair, Oil Balance Shampoo for Oily & limp Hair, Moisture Boost Shampoo for Normal Hair.

2. If you have dandruff, monsoon might worsen the condition. For treating dandruff, using only an anti-dandruff shampoo is not enough, opt for a dandruff treatment for quick cure & long-term result. We recommend – Root Active Anti Dandruff Solution & Dandruff Removal Shampoo for total freedom from dandruff.


avoid heat treatment during monsoon

3. Hold back the use of heat & chemicals on hair. Both heat & chemical can damage the hair keratin, making your hair drier & frizzier. Choose a hairstyle that does not cause pressure or tension on the hair roots. Hairstyles that tugs or pulls the hair tightly might be a cause of hair fall.

4. To control hair frizz, use a hair serum that controls frizz by softening & caring for the hair keratin. We recommend – Keratin Care Serum for this season.

5. Always handle your hair with care & maintain proper hygiene when it comes to your bathing towel as well as pillow towel to keep any scalp infection at bay. Always make sure that your hair brush or comb is clean & stored in a hygienic place.



use a wide toothed comb in monsoon for less hair breakage

6. Use a wide toothed comb. The continuous humidity of monsoon makes hair weak at the roots & frizzy. Using a hair brush can result into tugging & pulling of hair, causing hair breakage & hair fall. Best is to go for a wide toothed wooden comb for easy detangling & combing.

7. To make sure that your hair is soft, shiny & manageable even in monsoon, use a Hair Spa at home, once in week. It will give extra nourishment & keep your hair healthy. We recommend – Premium Hair Spa

8. A healthy diet is the key to healthy hair in every season. Include lots of colourful vegetables & adequate amount of proteins in your daily diet for healthy hair.

hair oil massage

9. Hair oil massage is a very effective way to keep your hair healthy during monsoon. Use a natural hair oil that makes your hair stronger from the roots & prevents hair breakage. We recommend – Alopex Long & Strong

10. If Monsoon have triggered Hair fall, start using a root vitalizing hair tonic for total relief. Pick a product that takes all round care of your hair & ensures best hair health. We recommend – Alopex Penta Active 10




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