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  • Kojic Acid

    Kojic Acid Benefits & Features T...

  • Lavender Oil

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender essential oils have a pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburns. Also Excellent in reducing anxiety and emotional stress with its sedative, antidepressant effects.

  • Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic acid is also a humectant, which attracts and binds water to skin cells. It does this by increasing the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, molecules that draw water into the skin and Hydrate the skin.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree oil possesses Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral, and Anti-fungal Properties (Sellar, 1992).

  • Calendula Oil

    Calendula Oil

    Calendula Oil stimulates skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity, and induces increased skin hydration because of lower TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) (M Buzzi 1, 2016 ).