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Detox Therapy for Summer

Detox therapy for summer

Environmental pollution, pesticide & preservative contaminated food, stress filled lifestyle all are continuously adding toxins to our body & mind. While the body has its own mechanism to get rid of these toxins, at home detox regime can be really helpful to aid in the process.

summer detox for your body

A summer detox regime need not to be difficult or steep but should be well designed that can be followed properly & easily. Here is a guide to a simple summer detox regime that can effectively help in getting rid of the toxins.

Detoxify your liver & intestine

The liver is the primary organ responsible for excreting the toxins from the body. Making sure that your liver is healthy & well functioning is the first step of summer detox.  To improve your liver health, you need not to do anything much. Just keep an eye on what you eat & drink. Eating the right food & drink will also help in cleansing your intestine & will make sure that all your bodily systems are functioning well.  

Here is a step by step guide for summer Detox 

Step 1

Honey and lemon with lukewarm water

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 2-3 spoons of pure honey & the juice of 1 lemon.  This will help in replenishing any dehydration in the body & will also give energy. Honey & lemon both are believed to be energy positive foods that can be helpful to keep you fit & energetic all day long.

Starting your day with a glass of pure & fresh Aloe Vera juice is also a good idea to detoxify your system.

Step 2

Drink more water

Increase your daily water intake & drink water at frequent intervals. Water is the best natural detoxifier for the body as it washes out all the toxins & metabolism generated unwanted elements. Drinking adequate water will also keep your kidneys healthy, which is another primary excretory organ of the body.  

Step 3

have more fruits

Include fresh & seasonal fruits in your daily diet to get rid of unwanted toxins. Fruits will supply the essential vitamins & minerals to the body as well as fibers that help in cleansing the digestive system promoting better digestive health.

Fruit juices, freshly made at home are also a great way to increase your regular fluid intake while on a detox regime. It also helps in keeping your body cool in summer.

Step 4

Eat more leafy & green vegetables

Leafy, green vegetables are great for releasing the unwanted toxins from the body. Include salads in your daily diet. Colorful vegetables are loaded with nutrients that can effectively help in detoxifying the body. So, include more seasonal vegetables in your diet. Vegetable smoothies, beetroot juice should replace colas & sodas. Your daily fiber intake should be at least 30 to 40 grams.     

Step 5

exercise daily for detox

Regular exercise is a must for completing your detox regime. 30 minutes of daily physical exercise will not only help your body to get rid of the accumulated toxins but will also promote release of tension & stress thus aiding in detoxification of both mind & body.

Step 6

Yoga for mind detox

Detoxifying your mind is equally important. Regular yoga & meditation can be effective to rejuvenate your mind. Aromatherapy is another great way to release excess stress. Use refreshing essential oils in your home in a vaporizer to uplift your mood.

Step 7

ayurvedic massage helps in detoxification of the body and mind


Ayurveda is an age old process of wellbeing. Ayurvedic detoxifying massage can be very helpful to stimulate the natural detoxification system of the body

spend time with family

For a complete detox, while following the above regime, also stay away from alcohol, smoke, fast foods, coffee & cold drinks. Pick healthy beverages like green tea & green coconut water instead. Also spend more time with your family & get involved in a creative hobby. 





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