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Blog 57: Hair care in summer without oil

hair care in summer

Taking the right care of your hair is the key to avoid hair problems & excess hair fall. While keeping your scalp & hair clean is important, regular nourishment is also vital. Dry, brittle & frizzy hair shows lack of nourishment & can certainly add to hair fall.

Oil in hair care

The importance of oil cannot be overlooked when it comes to hair nourishment. Oil is known as one of the best natural hair nourishers & taking oil massage on the night before washing your hair can be really effective to replenish the lost nutrients, making the mane soft & silky again.

During summer we naturally tend to wash hair more often, which is also hygienic because the accumulation of summer sweat in the scalp can be extremely harmful for hair health. However, the frequent wash can make hair dry. So, providing your hair the right daily nourishment during summer is important.

The problem with using oil in summer

problem with hair oil

When it comes to daily hair nourishment, as already said, using proper hair oil can be effective. You can prepare a hair oil blend at home with a career oil like olive oil & few essential oils like lavender & tea tree or you can directly opt for Alopex or Hair Grown Oil but oiling your hair regularly might not sound a good idea, particularly during summer when excess heat & sweat is already stealing your good night’s sleep.

However, if you want to skip the oil without missing out on hair nourishment, you also have other options.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera for summer hair care

Aloe Vera is an excellent natural hair nourisher that restores dry, brittle hair quickly. Apply some fresh Aloe Vera pulp onto your cleansed hair daily, 20 minutes before bath & wash off with plenty of water to rescue dry & brittle hair.  

Yogurt & milk:

milk and yogurt for hair

Milk protein has great replenishing properties. Massaging some whole milk or freshly prepared yogurt onto your clean hair 20 minutes before bath & washing off with plenty of water can be highly effective to keep hair damage at bay in summer.

However, if it seems to be problematic to follow these home remedies to take care of your hair without oil, there’s nothing to be disappointed, we have got you covered. Hair Milk by Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a revolutionizing hair supplement that combines milk protein & essential oils without any stickiness.

Hair Milk:

hair milk

It is a luxurious daily treatment for hair; formulated with milk protein, hydrolyzed collagen & blend of pure essential oils. The formula nourishes & also protects tresses from environmental extremities & pollution.  It leaves no sticky or oiliness in hair & adds natural shine & softness to the mane.    

Easy to use

Using hair milk is as easy as anything, just massage the hair milk from root to tip of the hair 10 minutes before bath & wash off with plain water during bath. Use it daily & summer will not be able to make your hair dry or brittle in anyway.   

So, if you want to take the right care of your hair during summer without the stickiness of oil, get the complete nourishment of Hair Milk from today.






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