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How to maintain proper intimate hygiene

Ankush for intimate hygiene


Intimate hygiene in women is directly related to health & needs much concern & care.  The vagina has its own cleansing process and therefore water cleansing or douching does not help in attaining proper care.


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Staying healthy and comfortable down there is not quick and easy, especially when there are so many factors that can cause an infection. The vagina is home to a special community of bacteria that protects it from infections. This intimate part requires special care. To help you out, here are some tips that can help you maintain proper intimate hygiene & health,  


Natural ways of maintaining intimate hygiene


intimate hygiene with ankush vaginal wash


  • It must be known that vagina has a hub of its own bacteria both good and bad. By spraying with water i.e. douching, you don’t clean the vagina; rather you wash out the good bacteria which protect it from infections and balance its natural pH level.
  • It is always advised to avoid any kind of shower gels or soaps for cleansing the area. Though they do not harm the vagina but eventually can affect the natural pH level of the area and the balance of healthy bacteria. 


Ankush V Wash for intimate feminine hygiene


  • Darkening of the skin in private areas is caused because of sweating or scaling and peeling of the skin, due to the use of soaps. A vaginal wash helps to maintain hygiene and gives a comfortable fresh feeling by protecting it from bacterial infection and maintaining the right pH level

intimate hygiene with ankush v

  • Avoid wearing tight and synthetic undergarments for prolonged periods, as it does not allow the skin to breathe and retains the moisture from sweat, causing infections and darkening.


Ankush Vaginal Wash Range


Ankush Vaginal Wash, Ankush V Spray and Ankush V ointment by Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a gentle and caring vaginal care range that gently cleanses and moisturizes the intimate parts while preserving the natural bacterial colony & pH level.


How the formulation works?

  • Ankush Vaginal Care Range comes in three variants, the liquid wash (Ankush Vaginal Wash), soft, foamy Ankush V Spray and the Ankush V ointment.
  • The formula is completely natural and works without irritation.
  • It is formulated to support body's normal vaginal stability and retain complete vaginal hygiene.
  • Daily use prevents unpleasant odour, itching, irritation and vaginal infections.
  • It restores normal pH balance and vaginal flora.
  • Maintains vaginal hygiene and moisture and keeps fresh throughout the day.


Identifying vaginal health


ankush vaginal wash


Darkened skin of the intimate area should not be alarming, unless it is accompanied by some other signs like itching and burning sensation. It might be an indication of fungal infection which should not be overlooked.

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge or painful urination or pain during intercourse are the warning signs of infection. Further if you are going for bikini area waxing, always go for a professional salon. 

Apart from all the above understating about the major aspects of intimate health and hygiene, there are also other factors that must be kept in mind:

  • Do not use harsh soaps or shower gels for cleansing the area
  • Use a mild vaginal wash every day
  • Dab the area after wash. Do not scrub hard
  • Clean the area properly


Ankush Vaginal Wash



There are many products in the market that claim to be safe, but chemically composed products can often be harsh on the skin and might cause itching or irritation. The products from the Ankush Vaginal Care Range are infused with essential oils and contains natural extracts of Kanda bel, Taba lebu, Aam, Bel, Jaam, Yastimadhu and Malati. These natural ingredients not only keep the vagina healthy and fresh but also provides protection against infections.  


The Ankush Vaginal Care Range

There are three different variants in the Ankush Vaginal Care Range – Ankush Vaginal Wash, Ankush V Spray & Ankush V Ointment.


Ankush V Spray


Ankush V Spray: This Spray formulation can be used for cleansing the intimate area without water & is ideal for use during travel, in office or while using public toilets.

Ankush Vaginal Wash: This is a Gentle, soap free cleanser to be used with water & is ideal for daily use at home.


Ankush V Ointment


Ankush V Ointment: This moisturizing natural ointment keeps the vaginal area clean & moisturized. It should be used as a caring natural ointment for the intimate area. Do not use water with Ankush V Ointment.





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