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Looking for a Natural Anti-Dandruff Treatment? Trust Aromatherapy!

Written by Portia Deb


Posted on October 05 2021

Seasons change and so do your skin & hair care products, but some conditions remain constant. Dandruff is one of them. And the probable reasons could be you’re not taking proper care of your scalp  
& hair, or you’re using the wrong products. But worry not; our Part 6 of Festive Beauty Series lays focus on the causes of dandruff, its effects on your well-being, and most importantly, how to get rid of them! 

What Is Dandruff and Why Do You Have Them? 

Simply put, dandruff is a condition in which small, dry, white skin flakes are shed from the scalp. Although this condition is widely common, it is seen in patients that dandruff is often the reason behind hair loss and can put you in trouble if it turns severe. 

Now, dandruff can have several causes: 

  • Dry scalp 
  • Oily scalp 
  • Irritated scalp 
  • Malassezia or a yeast-like fungus 
  • Infrequent shampooing 
  • Contact dermatitis or sensitivity to certain hair care products 
  • Psoriasis and/or eczema 

You can identify them by a few signs & symptoms, including itchy scalp, white bits of flakes on your hair, eyebrow, moustache, beard, shoulder, etc., scaly, crusty scalp, or even scaly skin rash. 

How Damaging Is Dandruff for Your Hair? 

According to experts, dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss directly, but it triggers similar occurrences. As dandruff generates itchiness on scalp, it leads to scratching which ends up injuring hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Plus, people suffering from androgenic alopecia can have increased hair loss, known as male and female-pattern hair loss. 

The extreme case of dandruff is medically termed seborrheic dermatitis. While dandruff is a mild reaction, seborrheic dermatitis can have worsening effects on your health. In this case, the inflammation turns worse, and the patient experiences harsh redness, scaly scalp, etc. with similar irritations on other parts of the body too. 

Fortunately, such cases are less common; your dandruff can be treated with the right kind of product, irrespective of its type, like dry, oily, or fungus-caused. In fact, Aromatherapy happens to be one of the best solutions so far. 

Why Choose Scalp Care Range to Beat Dandruff? 

The market-available anti-dandruff might give you some results but at a cost. Being filled with chemicals,those tend to make your hair feel rough & dry. Keya Seth Aromatherapy’s Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Solution and Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo cleanse scalp and eliminate dandruff naturally. 

  1. Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Solution 

Its Innovative Formula combines the power of a most useful dandruff killer Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate and 2 Essential Oils that are known for noteworthy Anti-Fungal & Anti-Microbial properties. These Natural Ingredients also ensure that your scalp is healthy and free from any infections. 

Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate  

Being considered one of the crucial ingredients for Treating Dandruff, Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate has Therapeutic Effects on scaly, inflamed, and itchy skin. It also helps reduce redness or severe conditions, such as psoriasis.  

Lavender Essential Oil  

A one-stop remedy for hair woes that can contribute to the Growth of Cells while reducing stress.  

Rose Essential Oil  

The Hydrating Oil makes Hair Healthier from root to tip while protecting from harmful bacteria and fungus.  

Salicylic Acid  

It is used to remove the itchy flakes and even seborrheic dermatitis while keeping the scalp Moisturized. It decreases the urge to scratch the dry and itchy scalp by soothing it.  


It helps to Smooth Hair Cuticles by forming a Barrier on the outer layer of hair and makes hair appear Frizz-Free.  

Treatment Regimen 

Apply 5-7 ml daily on dry scalp before bedtime; for best results massage Hair Milk 10 minutes before washing hair, and clean it with Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo 

  1. Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo

Now get complete freedom from dandruff and scalp itching with this shampoo that has Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate, the goodness of 4 Essential, and some of the best, Natural Ingredients, including Methi, Olive Extracts, and Vitamin. It clears away dandruff while creating a base for Fresh Hair Growth.  

Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate  

Being considered one of the crucial ingredients for Treating Dandruff, Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate has Therapeutic Effects on scaly, inflamed, and itchy skin. It also helps reducing redness or severe conditions, such as psoriasis.  

Olive Extracts  

It Cleanses and Strengthens Hair Strands as well as Enhances the Growth of Healthy Hair.   

Methi Extracts  

Being a rich source of Iron and Protein, Methi Extracts Induce Hair Growth and Thickness.  

Vitamin B5 (D- Panthenol)  

Coats and Seals in Moisture by Binding Hair Follicles and adds Shine and Softness to Hair.  

Lavender Essential Oil  

A one-stop remedy for hair woes, it can contribute to the Growth of Cells while reducing stress.  

Rosemary Essential Oil   

Prevents premature greying, dandruff, and hair loss.    

Tea Tree Essential Oil   

Keeps hair Moisturized and prevents chemical and dead skin build-up.  

Lemon Essential Oil  

With Antiseptic properties, it Balances Oil on scalp and Prevents infections. 


Treatment Regimen 

Wash hair with Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo, and for best results, apply Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Solution 5-7 ml daily on dry scalp before bedtime. Massage with Hair Milk 10 minutes before washing hair.  

Don’t let dandruff embarrass you this festive season. Give your scalp & hair the care it needs from Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Solution & Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo… because nothing looks more glamorous than lustrous, healthy locks. 



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