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Why A Hair Nourishment Cream Is Best for Busy Men’s Daily Hair Care?

From coal-black tresses to curls that resemble clouds—literature has always had immense admiration for beautiful, long hair. However, most of these beguiling descriptions can be blamed of bigotry, for such gorgeous locks always belonged to women. Poets hardly ever imagined a man with a full head of envious hair. Even so, men, today, are moving mountains to sustain hair health and most importantly to avoid hair loss. And only the right hair care routine can do the trick! 

Men & Hair Care Challenges 

While ladies have access to countless resources to take care of their mane, men only have a few options to go for. Eventually, the lack of proper knowledge and maintenance often leads to severe and long-term damages that are irreversible.  

The most common hair issues that guys suffer from are: 

  • Thinning hair that can be identified by volume deficiency 
  • Cowlicks that are often caused by genetics 
  • Dandruff that is not just embarrassing but also indicates unhealthy scalp 
  • Frizzy hair that can be hard to control 
  • Dry hair that appears damaged and lacks lustre 
  • Hair loss or balding that can be triggered by numerous conditions 
  • Alopecia that can have impacts on your appearance as well as confidence 

Facts say, about 85% of men experience major hair thinning and loss that lead to balding by the time they are 50. Unfortunately, for some, age is barely the factor; they experience premature balding even at a tender age of 21.  

According to experts, about 50% of your hair can be lost before it is even noticeable. That is why you must begin your hair care regime as early as possible. But in case you are wondering how to stick to a regime amid your busy schedule, bring home our revolutionary Hair Milk Keratin Care to get rid of all your hair woes. 

How Hair Milk Can Benefit Your Hair on Regular Use? 

Hair creams do have a few things in common with face creams. Simply put, they do exactly what face creams do to your skin. For instance, keeping your strands & scalp hydrated, making them shine, and helping them become lustrous. 

But no matter what you need to be careful. Choosing any market-available product right away can turn out to be lethal. And the consequences include hair breakage, clogged hair follicles, hair fall, etc. The hair gels are also known to be dehydrators that do no good to your hair apart from fixing the appearance for a while. 

On the other hand, Hair Milk’s restorative formula with Milk Protein revives the essential Keratin that makes up your hair. The hair growth cream with Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin, Caffeine, Collagen, and other nutrients is a great replacement for your hair oil. It moisturises your hair strands, makes them feel smooth & silky, and doesn’t occupy much of your time.  

Let’s learn how each of its ingredients helps you regain your healthy hair appearance: 

Milk Protein  

It provides ultimate nourishment to the locks by softens dry & frizzy hair and improving hair quality & texture.  


It helps strengthen hair from the roots to prevent frizz, breakage, heat damage, etc.  

Lavender Essential Oil  

This aromatic oil contributes to the cell growth as well as reduces stress and tiredness.  

Eucalyptus Essential Oil   

It is best known for improving hair health while relieving from itchy scalp conditions.    

Basil Essential Oil    

Basil not only keeps the scalp conditioned but also speeds up hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.  


Korean Red Ginseng   

By improving blood flow and preventing natural cell death, Korean Red Ginseng restores the hair growth cycle.  


It results in longer and wider hair roots by helping in blocking the DHT effects in hair follicles,  

Vitamin E 

It reduces oxidative stress and free radicals, contributing to healthy hair growth. 

Zinc Oxide  

Best known for diminishing dandruff, this active ingredient plays a key role in hair tissue repair and instils life in your locks.  


Being a milk-based bioactive, it stimulates the dermal papilla cells located at the bottom of your hair. Follicusan not only vitalizes hair follicles but is also proven to counteract accelerated hair loss.  

How to Use Hair Milk Keratin Care in a Hassle-Free Way? 

The application procedure of Hair Milk is pretty simple & quick! You can apply it every day after bath, massage gently for 15 mins and wash off. Plus, it’s non-greasy, harmless, and suits all hair types. So you can also use it as Hair Styling/Grooming Cream and flaunt nay hairdo that reflects strength, health & brilliance! 



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