Fresh Look Honey Gel Face Wash – Refreshing Foaming Soothes Inflamed Skin Enriched with Honey & Pure Essential Oil – For All Skin Type | Face wash – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Fresh Look Honey Gel Face Wash – Refreshing Foaming Soothes Inflamed Skin Enriched with Honey & Pure Essential Oil – For All Skin Type

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    Before choosing a Face wash or a cleanser to incorporate into your skin routine, you should determine that products should be made from SLS free & Paraben free. These ingredients are very harmful to the skin. Disodium Cocoampho Diacetate is a naturally derived agent that cleans & moisturizes your skin with soft creamy foam, which is not detrimental to the skin. Disodium Cocoampho Diacetate is a mild cleansing agent with an amphoteric surfactant of light color, moderate viscosity, low irritation, high foamability, and high thickening ability. It is produced based on fatty acids derived from coconut oil. It provides a moderate lather and cleans without removing natural lipids from the skin to give a rich, conditioning effect.


    Quaternized Honey or Honey Quat is a natural Honey-derived conditioning agent with twice the moisturizing ability of glycerin. It draws moisture to help the skin keep hydrated. Excellent moisture binding & cleansing capabilities with rich, natural antioxidants, it improves skin texture & surface smoothness by protecting skin from sun damage & acts as a free radical scavenger & soothes dehydrated skin.


    Bee’s by-product is an Ancient Secret Skincare ingredient whose chemical background is Water & Carbohydrates. It contains Saccharides, Vitamins, Minerals & Nicotinic Acid that work as skin cell regenerating agents & provide skin elasticity, strength & overall health of the skin. Enriched Antioxidants like Flavonoids & Phenolic acids help to protect against Free Radical attacks & sun damage. As an emollient, it softens & soothes the skin, & humectant quality locks the moisture in the skin.


    Pro Vitamin B5 is the best hydrating Vitamin for the skin. With its excellent humectant properties. It attracts moisture & profoundly hydrates the skin & improves softness & elasticity by balancing PH levels. Reducing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) & protect skin from photo-aging damage. Accelerates resurfacing in the skin by renewing cell regeneration through nourishment. Sodium PCA & Propylene Glycol also make skin soft, supple, hydrated & protected by attracting & retains moisture into the skin surface to create a protected barrier from harmful free radical attacks & sun damage & rebuild the intracellular glue that holds the cells together. This prevents moisture loss & the growth of bacteria & allergens on the skin. Help to reduce marks & acne spots.

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    For complete Dry & Dehydrated Skincare, use Honey Face Wash for cleansing & Honey Hydrating Toner for toning & after that, Honey Gel moisturizer in AM & PM. Include Umbrella Sunscreen Range in AM after applying Gel. Nourish & exfoliates your Face & Body with Honey Gel Scrub for Complete Hydrating Care.

    Every skincare routine needs a good cleanser. Fresh Look Face Wash with Honey is the perfect product for all types of skin with the goodness of Honey, Pro Vitamin B5, Sodium PCA & Propylene Glycol, which help effectively wash away dirt, debris, & excess oil from the skin and give tired-looking skin a healthier appearance. Honey, a Natural Moisturizer that makes skin Brighter & Younger-Looking; fights Acne, helps to treat wrinkles & skin blemishes, scavenges free radicals in the skin, and rebuilds the skin's structure with a renewed ability to retain moisture & soothe the skin. Clearing dead skin cells in addition to extra dirt rejuvenate the dull complexion. Boosting skin cells' metabolism Provitamin B5 raises the skin's firmness; it offers anti-inflammatory, moisturizing & therapeutic benefits. A powerful humectant Sodium PCA hydrates by attracting water to & trapping it in the skin while also helping restore the skin's protection. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Propylene Glycol maintains the pH balance by regulating moisture level in the skin & making a protective barrier on the surface to prevent foreign threats & provide refreshing clear & clean skin.

    Honey Quat (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey): It contains natural antioxidants, protects and shields skin from sun damage, and acts as a free radical scavenger. Natural humectant power soothes and moisturizes the skin. It absorbs impurities from the pores and improves blemished, acne-prone skin. Help to heal wounds and burns, and its high viscosity allows it to supply a protective barrier to prevent infection. It makes the skin appear softer and younger with improved skin tone. It is effective in both leave-on and rinse-off applications.

    Pure Honey (Honey Extracts): Honey Extract is obtained from organic apiculture. Its  Anti-inflammatory, Microbial & Antiaging Properties help fight against skin infections. Anti-inflammatory properties can aid with skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. It is rich in Moisturizing properties that make the skin hydrated & balanced to keep away the signs of aging. It acts as a pore cleanser and a gentle exfoliating nature help in Suntan.

    Panthenol (Pro vitamin B5): Provitamin B5 is the alcohol analog of vitamin B5. It attracts moisture, hydrates the skin, and improves softness and elasticity. This vitamin exhibits potent anti-inflammatory activities and reduces redness and inflammation caused by acne, sunburn, and irritation. It soothes the skin. Thereby reducing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss), inflammation, and acne and improving skin hydration, elasticity, and barrier function; provitamin B5 (D panthenol) improves the skin's overall health.

    Sodium PCA: It is a naturally occurring component of human skin and a part of the "natural moisturizing factors" (NMF) that maintain a healthy epidermis. It is very hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air & locks it inside the skin, making the skin youthful. Sodium PCA rebuilds the intracellular glue that holds the cells together. This prevents moisture loss and the growth of bacteria and allergens on the skin. This reduces the chances of breakouts, clogged pores, and other skin problems.

    Propylene Glycol: It is used as a humectant, solvent & emollient. With quick absorbing power, propylene glycol helps the skin absorb & retains moisture to promote hydrated, soft, smooth, healthy skin. It is much better than Glycerin, but the main difference is that it does not create any stickiness on skin surfaces, unlike Glycerin. It is best known for the attributes of a hydrating & delivery ingredient. It attracts moisture from the air & holds it in the skin to protect from free radical & sun exposure damage. It is helpful for acne breakouts as it regulates skin moisture levels.