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Aromatic Spa Hair Conditions Serum SPF 15-for Dry, Rough Hair-24-Hour Frizz-free Sun Protection & Manageable Hair with Pure Essential Oil & Geranium

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Key Ingredients1:

An essential oil based hair serum with SPF 15for hair damage control

Restores dry, rough & damaged hair, prevents hair breakage

Protects hair from every day menace of smoke,dust and exposure to environmental pollution

Enriched with pure essential oils of lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium

Brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair, making it silky smooth

Protect hair from damage due to the every day menace of smoke,dust and exposure to environmental pollution. It contains various essential oils, e.g, lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedar wood and geranium. It has the power to restore dry, rought, lack-lustre and damaged hair or hair damaged and made lifeless due to perming, colouring or artificial straightening over a long period of time. Regular use of the serum brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair making it silky smooth.

How to Use:

Depending on the length of the hair, this serum is to be applied on dry hair every day. Instantly your hair will have a beautiful shine. This serum can be used by those who cannot regularly wet their hair.

Take two to three spritz of the Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning serum on your palm depending on the hair length &volume. Apply onto your clean & dry or semi dry hair, from root to tip.Leave on. It can also be used with Premium Hair Spa for Weak hair.

Product Description

An essential oil enriched hair serum that restores dry, damaged hair & protects from environmental extremities.Regular use of Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum brings back smoothness, luster and health to weak, frizzy, dry& damagedhair.

First hair serum with essential oils

Essential oils are considered as the most powerful molecules of nature & the Aromatic Hair Conditioning Spa Serum infuses essential oil blends praised overthe centuries for their fascinating hair nourishing & protective properties. Pure essential oils of lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium gives this innovative serum the ability to restore dry, damaged & brittle hair to their previous strong & healthy condition. These essential oils make hair soft, shiny & healthy from the core. SPF 15 ensures protection from the harmful sunrays that can induce pre-mature hair greying & hair damage. This hair serum is also ideal for adding longevity to hair color. 

Intensive carefor damaged Hair 

Heat, pollution& harmful environmental factors take a serious toll on hair, making it dry, rough & brittle. This is why your hair needs care that makes it strong from inside out. Essential oil blend infused Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum has been formulated to restore damaged hair & also to protect from environmental extremities. Presence of SPF 15prevents drying & bleaching effects of the sunrays, which is a common cause of premature hair greying.  Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum brings back softness, sheen and health to weak, dry & damaged hair.