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32 STAR - Remedy from Toothache and Gum infection

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It is a complete solution to toothache, gum swelling, pariah etc.


Mode of Action :


Basil Oil : Has very good anti-inflammatory , analgesic effect. Also has very good      anti- microbial activity which refreshes the breath and oral hygiene. 

Clove Oil : Has very good effect in sensitivity.

Sandal Oil :Has very good astringent effect.

Lemon Oil : Has very good effect as teeth whitener.


Contraindications :

Pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, epilepsy, neonates and infants below 5 yrs of age.


 Usage  : Use clean cotton wool on a stick and take 4-5 drops of oil.

Apply the cotton wool with oil onto the painful tooth or infected gum area for sometime, having removed the stick.

Besides tooth ache and gum infection, the oil is very effective to cure pyorrhea and prevents bad breath. For bad breath or foul smell 4-5 drops of oil should be used with any tooth paste for brushing twice in a day.