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Black Shine Oil, Natural Hair Color for Gray & White Hair with Essential Oil & Herbs Extract for Men & Women- Ammonia Free, Hydrogen Peroxide Free

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Innovative 100% natural hair color formula in an oil base. Infused with nourishing herbs, vegetable oils & essential oils that gives natural black color to grey hair, Aromatic Black Shine Hair Oil offers a one stop solution to a range of hair problems including grey hair coverage & premature hair greying. It is completely free from Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Heavy Metals & harmful chemicals.

Natural Hair Color without the mess

Forget the worries of grey hair or the mess of hair dyes, Keya Seth Aromatherapy has come up with a natural alternative to harmful chemical based hair colours in an easy to use, non-sticky oil form. Black Shine 100% Natural Hair Colour Oil is enriched with powerful herbs & essential oils that cover greys & prevents further greying. This hair oil also nourishes hair from the roots & repairs the hair strands through its innovative formula.

Freedom from Grey hair in a natural, easy way

Grey hair should not stop you from living your life to the full, but the chemical filled hair colors should not be your choice. The hair dyes cover the greys efficiently but not without harming the hair, as a result the number of grey hair increases drastically after using common hair dyes. Most of these chemical dyes are also harmful for the skin & eyes. To solve this problem & to make sure that you do not look more than your age due to grey hairs, Keya Seth Aromatherapy has introduced the Black Shine 100% Natural Hair Colour Oil. You can use this innovative formula just like any other hair oil & forget all the mess of mixing & applying a hair dye. Apart from covering greys, the hair oil also promotes hair growth, overall hair health & controls further hair greying with regular use.

Direction of Use: 

Apply the hair oil from the root to the tip for 3 consecutive days. Do not shampoo in this span. Use the Shine & Silk Colour Retaining Shampoo on the 4th Day. Follow the same application process once the colour starts to fade.