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Cleansing Milk – Gentle Soft Deep Hydrating Cleanser Dirt & Makeup Remover.

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Key Ingredients1: Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Ritha in a lotion base

A gentle deep cleansing formula that also nourishes the skin

Removes entrapped dirt & light makeup efficiently

Controls skin dryness& pre-mature signs of skin ageing

Pure essential oils of lavender & geranium keeps skin soft, smooth, young & problem free

Protects skin from drying effects of environmental agents

Product Description

A mild, soap free, aromatherapy based Cleansing Milk imbued with essential oils for daily deep cleansing without reaping off the skin moisture.

It contains essential oil of lavender, geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) in a solution base. Enriched with aroma oils like lavender, geranium etc. and the extract of Aloevera and Shikakai, this aromatic cleanser penetrates deep into the skin and removes dirt and dust. It protects skin from the harmful effects of pollution. Cleansed from inside, your skin becomes bright, glowing and youthful.

Direction of Use: Take a sufficient amount of the Cleansing Milk on your palm & massage gently all over your face & neck. Remove with a damp cotton ball. Wash with plain water if needed.

Deep cleansing with Best Care

Get rid of dirt & grime without losing the essential skin oils with the Deep pore Cleansing Milk by Keya Seth Aromatherapy. Imbued with pure essential oils of Lavender & Geranium, this 100% soap-free formula not only offers intense cleansing but also hydrates the skin, keeping it soft, supple & healthy. Gently removes skin impurities, excess oil & light makeup without drying out the skin. Enjoy softer, brighter & younger looking skin naturally with daily use of Deep Hydrating Cleansing Milk by Keya Seth Aromatherapy.

A Hydrating face cleanser for every day

With increased amount of pollution in the environment it has become really essential to pick your daily facial cleanser with care. Getting rid of all the impurities that stick to your skin throughout the day is important to make sure that your skin is healthy & free from frequent breakouts but at the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the cleanser does not reap off the essential oils of the skin, making it dry & flaky. Deep Hydrating Cleansing Milk with Lavender & Geranium essential oil by Keya Seth Aromatherapy has been formulated keeping the regular needs of your skin in mind. It cleanses, hydrates & nourishes skin with its natural formula, keeps skin fresh, clear, soft & supple.