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Colour & Shine Burgundy Pack of 2

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Pack of 2 - 100gm

    It is a white, crystalline organic acid known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid that occurs naturally in grapes, bananas, tamarinds & citrus fruits. It is a mild acid used in mixing henna for dye release. It creates ash and deeper brunette tones, and due to its gentle nature, it does not dry or damages the hair. It also helps bind the dye to the hair resulting in better coverage and long-lasting. The use of Tartaric acid in hair colors helps in outstanding fastness properties, particularly outstanding light fastness, wash fastness, and friction fastness. 


    A Natural coloring agent & Conditioner known as Henna is one of the main components of hair dyes. Loaded with tannins (Rich color producer), a plant compound found in teas helps reduce premature graying of hair. Henna offers nutrients & protection for the hair & scalp. Rich in antioxidants & proteins & it has an antifungal effect; they are beneficial for scalps that are prone to dandruff & support hair health. Containing Vitamin E helps to soften hair. Natural nourishment properties help strengthen the hair, preventing it from falling, breaking, or thinning & transforming dull & dry hair into a luscious manageable lock. 


    Amla is rich in Vitamin C & E, Tannins, Phosphorus, Iron & Calcium help increase circulation in the scalp & stimulate healthy growth. Vitamin C produces Collagen protein & prevents dandruff accumulation making the scalp itchy less. The essential fatty acids in the amla strengthen hair follicles and add luster to the hair. As a natural hair conditioner, Amla nourishes, strengthens, & conditions the hair & gives volume. It promotes Hair pigmentation & prevents prematurely going grey. 

    • TEA LEAF:

    With High Antioxidants and Caffeine contents, Tea Leaves help maintain scalp and hair health. Antioxidants remove buildup & help the hair absorb nourishing Vitamins & Minerals & protect it from UV rays that can further damage & dry out strands. Many teas contain caffeine that suppresses hair loss hormone called DHT. A high concentration of tannins neutralizes cell-damaging compounds called free radicals. It has theaflavins & thearubigins, which are responsible for dark color, temporary boost of color & help reduce the appearance of grey hairs. 

    • REGIME:

    Mix the powder with plain water in a glass bowl according to hair length & density. Make a smooth paste & apply it all over your dry hair with the help of a hair color brush from the root to the tip of the hair. Leave it for 15 mins to 25 mins. Wash properly with plain water. Before application, make sure that your scalp & hair is clean & dust free, or do the shampoo 1 or 2 days before coloring. Use according to your need for grey hair coverage. 

               Note: Keep the remaining packet in an airtight container. 

     Hair coloring, or hair dyeing, is the practice of changing Hair color. The main reasons for this are to cover the gray or white hair, switch to a more fashionable or desirable color, or restore the original hair color after it has been discolored. This is made from the leaves of Mehendi, Tartaric Acid from Alpha Hydroxy Acid group, Amla rich with Vitamin C & Color enhancer Tea Leaf. Color & Shine (Burgundy) is the perfect solution for grey/ white hair coverage & restore the original hair color after discoloring. It helps provide the complete nourishment of the scalp and hair follicles in addition to your desired hair color. Henna has also been used since  1200 BC, when it was used to dye the hair and nails of pharaohs. Loaded with tannins, Vitamins, Antioxidant, Proteins & Antifungal effects help to reduce premature greying, Dandruff from the scalp &port hair health by softening hair, preventing hair loss, breaking & thinning & strengthening the hair. One of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Tartaric Acid, helps bind the dye to the hair resulting in better coverage and long-lasting without any hair damage. Rich in Vitamin C & E, Tannins & beneficial Minerals for hair help in hair color & increase circulation in the scalp & stimulate healthy growth. Theaflavins & Thearubigins, which are responsible for dark color, temporary boost of color & help reduce the appearance of grey hairs, in addition, to protect the Hair from UV rays, reduce hair loss & dry out the hair strands by making hair bouncy, soft & shiny.