Dark Circle Removing Under Eye Cream – Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin & AHA Reduces Wrinkles, Fine lines, Dullness & Depuffing for Men & Women | Skin Rejuvination – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Dark Circle Removing Under Eye Cream – Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin & AHA Reduces Wrinkles, Fine lines, Dullness & Depuffing for Men & Women

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An Aromatherapy-Based Under Eye Cream for Men & Women with Vitamin C, B3 (Niacinamide) Relieves Dark Circles, Depuffs Under Eye Area & Offers Intense Hydration; has an Aromatic Scent 


Imbued with the goodness of Nature-Derived Alpha Arbutin, the Non-Greasy Cream Reduces Melanin Production in skin, making it appear Brighter    


Contains Caffeine that Prevents Wrinkles & Fine Line with its Antioxidants; Almond Oil Reduces Puffiness, Improves Complexion & Reverses Sun Damage; Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide Treats Hyperpigmentation & helps Stop Premature Ageing; Suits All Skin Types   


Vitamin C Lightens Skin Complexion; Visibly Reduces Age Spots & Pigmentation; AHA Offers Attractively Clearer Skin Tone; Alpha Arbutin contribute reduces scars, age spots, blemishes, etc 

  • HOW TO USE:  

Cleanse your face; massage a small amount of the cream around your eyes at night; leave on for an hour; wash off with plain water

The “magic” of nature for treating dark circles

Forget the dull, tired look; get ready to win the world with your enigmatic eyes.Dark Circle Removing Cream from Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a unique blend of pure essential oils & natural, herbal extracts that work from deep within & rejuvenates the delicate skin of the undereye area, erasing not only the dark circles but also fine lines & wrinkles that gives the face a tired look. Alpha Hydroxy Acid from plant origin helps in diminishing the dark circles as well as wrinkles. Essential oils of YlangYlang, Clarysage, Nutmeg &Neroli provides nourishment, promotes rejuvenation& healing. The rich moisturizers & anti-oxidants present in Sweet almond oil nourish & protect the skin.

Get Beautiful eyes with natural care


The skin around the eyes is much thinner compared to the skin of any other part of the face. Hence, the signs of stressful lifestyle, inadequate sleep or harmful environmental factors become quickly prominent in this area. Dark Circle Removing Cream by Keya Seth Aromatherapyhas been formulated with natural ingredients that nourishes, heals, tones & rejuvenates the delicate skin of the under eye area giving you brighter & beautiful eyes. If you suffer from dark circles around the eyes, it is a must have product for you.

In your eyes lie the appeal to enchant all. Keya Seth's 'Dark Circle Removing Cream is enriched with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and natural goodness of almond oil that is gentle on the delicate area around the eyes. Herbally composed, this cream removes the dark circles and reduces wrinkles under the eyes and changes the under-eye complexion to fair in a completely natural process.