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Tea Tree Essential Oil, Therapeutic Pure & Natural, for Hair, Skin & Face, Dandruff and Oily Scalp, Acne, Oily Skin 10ml

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The popularity of Tea-tree oil (Ti-Tree) has risen due to its immune-stimulant effect. A fresh & sanitary fragrance, only produced in Australia. Active research is being carried out on its anti-infectious & anti-fungal power. It has Antibiotic, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Bactericide, Stimulant, Fungicide, and Insecticide. Eucalyptus Oil is only produced in Australia

  • BODY:

A potent Antiseptic & Antibiotic oil. Its most important function is to help the immune system fight infectious diseases. Activates the white corpuscles to form a defense against invading organics and helps shorten the illness’s duration, thus boosting immunity. Good for influenza, cold, and sores. Its fungicidal properties help clear vaginal thrush and are valuable for genital infections. Sweats out toxins out of the body. It helps ease otitis, a middle ear infection often linked to ailing tonsils. It may also relieve inflammation of the intestines

  • MIND:

Tea tree oil is known to relax the mind, refresh, and revitalize. Helps recover from mental shocks

  • SKIN:

Very effective skin Cleanser. Reduces pus in infected wounds and boils and carbuncles. It seems to clear spots and blemishes caused by chickenpox and shingles. Useful with burns, sores, sunburn, ringworm, warts, tines herpes, and athlete’s foot. Strong Antiviral and germicidal properties. During World War 2, it was included in military aid kits for skin injuries. Used frequently in surgical and dental practice and soaps, deodorants, disinfectants, and air fresheners. Australian Aborigines long used the leaves to cure infected wounds and as medicine

  • HAIR:

The oil has antifungal properties and acts as a natural conditioner; it can keep your scalp clean from grime and dead skin cells and help treat dandruff, keeping hair follicles free of build-up prevents excessive hair fall. It improves blood flow, allows nutrients to reach hair follicles, and balances the scalp's pH level; It’s helpful with dry scalp and dandruff conditions

Part of plant used: Leaves

Method of extraction: Steam Distillation

Tea tree essential oil is a potent antiseptic, 12 times as strong as carbolic acid or phenol, the widely used chemical disinfected. It has the advantage of being both hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, and it may also be effective against a range of bacterial, viral, and fungal conditions. The oil can be pale green to almost water clear, and its aroma is an effective insect replant.

Our Tea-Tree Essential Oil is 100% Pure, Organic, Therapeutic & Steam Distilled; It can be used in diffusers and inhaled directly with 4-5 drops in handkerchiefs for freshness and relaxation.


Respiratory: Bactericidal and anti-viral; helps to fight colds and flu; alleviates sore throats, tonsillitis, and gum disease; eases bronchitis, chesty coughs, and congestion. Used in gargles, mouthwashes, compresses, inhalations, vaporizers, or applications.

Skin: cleansing, cooling, and anti-fungal; relieves boils and rashes; soothes sunburn; encourages open skin to heal while protecting it from infection; clears athlete’s foot and nail bed infection. Used in masks compresses foot or hand baths or application.

Digestive: Bactericidal, anti-viral, and anti-fungal; ease mouth ulcers, mild diarrhea, and relieve gastroenteritis. Used in mouthwashes, compresses, application, or massage.

Gynecological: Very effective for genital infections, especially leucorrhoea, Candida, and thrush. Used in sitz baths, douches baths, or application.

Personal Care Tips-

  1. Tea Tree oil can help soothe dry skin by reducing itching and irritation.  Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into a small amount of moisturizer or carrier oil. Apply this mixture at least once more each day
  2. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil may contribute to its ability to combat oily skin. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into your toner, moisturizer, or sunscreen. To make a mask, you can add two drops of tea tree oil to bentonite clay.
  3. You can use Tea Tree oil to treat dandruff by removing chemicals and dead skin cells from the scalp. Apply tea tree oil and carrier oil to your hair and scalp. Allow it to stay in your hair for 20 minutes.